The lesson program at Blue Chip Stables is geared towards the adult rider who wants to improve their riding and horsemanship skills through regular instruction and consistent practice. The ultimate aims are to have fun and be safe while becoming a better horseman. Private and semi-private lessons provide personal attention and are planned to promote a systematic progression of knowledge. Lesson content is based upon the fundamentals of dressage and jumping; the application of these concepts can be used to educate and physically develop horses for any discipline.

Flexible scheduling enables riders to choose a convenient time for training activities and allows the student to tailor a regular program to fit their lifestyle and goals. Private lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and semi-private lessons are one hour. Students are encouraged to read classical riding theory, ask questions and actively participate in the learning process. The competitive and the committed recreational rider will both find a supportive and encouraging atmosphere at Blue Chip Stables. Students who wish to trailer in for lessons are welcome, with no extra charge for use of facilities. Auditing of lessons or training sessions is welcome, but should be arranged in advance as the schedule may change.