Ireland's Best Kept Secret!

Though the breed dates back 2,500 years--and is Ireland's sole native pony--it is one of the newest breeds of record in this country. The first Connemaras arrived here in the late '50's, and the breed has enjoyed unfaltering growth ever since.

The ponies are noted for their versatility and a natural ability to jump. Through the years, they have set equine records and won numerous prizes world-wide. Other notable hallmarks of the breed include: a gentle, intelligent disposition, athletic ability, dense, flat bone and sound hooves. Whatever the discipline, Connemaras shine!

This physically strong and hardy breed--the largest of the pony breeds- derives its name from a rugged, barren, mountainous region of western Ireland known as Connemara. Survival of the fittest is a phrase that certainly lends itself to the evolution of the native Connemara pony, for only the toughest survived the rigorous demands of life in the windswept mountains
and on the ocean shores and moors of their native land. Today, because of the hard ground almost year-round in California, we especially appreciate the innate soundness of the Connemara that has evolved through natural selection from generations of long ago!

Grey and dun are the most common colors found in the purebred Connemara, but all other colors occur, except appaloosa. Within the American Connemara Pony Society, there are equally weighted purebred and halfbred registries. In recent years, halfbred Connemaras have proven themselves as highly competitive sport horses in Eventing, Endurance, Dressage and Driving, with a number of individuals competing proudly at International levels! Another desirable feature of this pony breed is that a family rarely outgrows a Connemara, who is often a suitable mount for Mom, Dad, and the children!

For more information on this versatile breed and breeders in your area, please visit the American Connemara Pony Society's website at While you are there, see our farm tour on the ACPS site for other photos and information. To meet the stallions in person, contact us to schedule tours of Stonybrook Connemaras and Blue Chip Stables.

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