Blue Chip Stables offers customized training programs to suit everyone, and specializes in the training of young horses for dressage, eventing and pleasure. In response to the individual needs of horses and riders, training programs are flexible and offer a wide range of options. Monthly packages range from a minimum of one day of training per week to six days of training per week. These days may be any combination of training rides and lessons. A training session, on the average, is 45 minutes of work, depending upon the level of training and the physical condition of the horse.

For a mature horse or rider, the typical work program is 5 days per week. Many owners prefer to ride on their own between lessons; they can choose how many times per week they would like to supplement their riding with a lesson or a training ride for their horse. A systematic program includes the identification of realistic goals, the development of a plan to achieve these goals, and the physical and mental preparation of the horse and rider to meet these goals. Consistent work combined with friendly, professional support help to make the process fun and rewarding!

For those interested in competitive eventing or dressage there is a calendar of shows that Blue Chip Stables attends. Clinics and other schooling opportunities are also included in the calendar. Competent assistance for the competitive horse and rider is available to help prepare for success through proper conditioning, schooling, and coaching.